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Virus Protection Screens

Hygienic screens protecting your staff from COVID-19

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we interact as a society with social distancing and bubbles entering the lexicon of everyday language.

As businesses return to something approaching normal they are looking to ensure the health and safety of their staff through a combination of working from home and reorganising their offices. However, some working spaces simply cannot be configured to accommodate all the necessary staff safely.

Keep staff safe and productive

FIL can help you provide a safe work environment in many ways, by helping plan office layouts, remove surplus furniture from offices and common areas and even set up home offices for your staff. Now we can add a solution to those situations where staff simply have to work in close contact.

FIL’s desk hygiene screen systems are made of heavy duty acrylic with a rear cutout so monitors do not need re-positioning and monitor arms can still be used. They will also work with height adjustable desking when raising and lowering.

Virus Protection Screens | Crown FIL Workspace

Because it is a modular system, staff can either have a free standing screen or add one or two sides allowing flexibility to enable the most appropriate solution for every desk layout. If you need something more bespoke we can also design and manufacture to order.

FIL staff can install these for you in your office or if required at your employees home.

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