Crown FIL Workspace deliver workspace solutions by extending the life cycle of office equipment and furniture. We are ‘upcycling’ specialists and take office furniture that is considered past it’s usefulness or surplus to requirements and turn it into something that is inexpensive, reusable, fit for purpose and great to look at.

Alternatively for excess items, Crown FIL Workspace can provide storage solutions until these items required. This service allows for items to be documented and catalogued with supporting images loaded onto Crown FIL Workspace’s custom built web portal Store Floor for future use.

Items are safe, secure and easy to access when required. To find out more get in touch with our friendly team, call: 0800 333 131 or complete a form online.


Crown FIL Workspace work with businesses to redirect and repurpose their unwanted or redundant items.

We provide disposal and recycling solutions, working alongside businesses following a move to a new premise, particularly when down-sizing and their requirement for furniture is less.

Crown FIL Workspace assists with the removal and management around what to do with these unwanted assets with a corresponding discussion on ethical disposal, the objective being that nothing goes to waste.

Crown FIL Workspace has cleared entire buildings of furniture and re-used such goods across several large enterprise and government-based organisations. Contact us today to find out how we can assist your business.



Crown FIL Workspace enable their customers to focus on their core business activities while achieving environmental best practice and increasing profitability. We can provide a no obligation scope and assessment for your workplace.

A Crown FIL Workspace specialist will do an onsite consultation, discuss your requirements, audit and photograph surplus furniture and provide a detailed proposal outlining the best solution to suit your business needs. Contact us today to book a free consultation.

Workplace Assessment | Crown FIL Workspace


Crown FIL Workspace are heavily involved in the pre-owned furniture market throughout New Zealand. In some cases we are able to offer cash-back deductions on your relocation costs, or a percentage share on future re-sell if our assessor sees any re-sell value in your surplus products.

Crown FIL Workspace have case studies outlining how this has worked for clients previously, including large government agencies and corporations alike.

These options have been known to provide a cost neutral, or even cash surplus, situation on relocations and / or existing furniture clearances. Contact us to find out more.



Crown FIL Workspace want to support and help charities whenever we can. If you are a registered charity please talk to us about a discount on furniture and services.

Our branches in Auckland and Wellington have a charity bay that you’re welcome to view by arrangement and take away (for free) anything your charity requires!

This charity bay is generally made up of office furniture that is too good to throw away, but not quite suitable to sell. You can collect your new goods at no cost, or delivery and / or install can be provided at a discounted rate.

To be eligible you must be able to provide proof that you are from a registered charity or not-for-profit organisation. Contact us to find out more.

Giving Back to Charities | Crown FIL Workspace


Upon completion of your project an ‘Environmental Report’, outlining methods and quantities of recycled items, will be generated to help substantiate that responsible disposal methods have taken place.

Crown FIL Workspace can tailor reporting to suit your business requirements, or you can opt to utilise our own standard reporting methods.

The New Zealand Green Star Building Council requires evidence of dealing with existing building surplus to obtain required green star ratings. Crown FIL Workspace’s reporting enables us to directly help our clients with this requirement.

Ongoing reporting:

For cash-back situations where Crown FIL Workspace are selling your products over a pre-determined timeframe, reporting is on a quarterly basis. Tailored reporting can be produced to suit any requirements, including but not limited to, landfill diversion, re-use, recycling, and donations. All of which is displayed in percentages using info-graphics and / or weights. Contact us to enquire.

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