Collaboration with the University of Auckland for Charity Project in Tonga | Crown FIL Workspace

Transforming Community: 

Crown FIL Workspace’s Impactful Partnership with The University of Auckland for Tonga Charity Initiative


Crown FIL Workspace (CFIL) is committed to making a positive impact beyond moving and relocation services. In a heartwarming collaboration with The University of Auckland (UOA) and a charity in Tonga, CFIL recently embarked on a charitable project that exemplifies our dedication to giving back to the communities we serve.

The Challenge:

Tonga, a beautiful island nation in the South Pacific, has faced its share of challenges, including recent tragic events that have affected the local population. Among these challenges was the pressing need for essential furniture at a newly constructed school, which was built but lacked the necessary desks and chairs for its students.

The Solution:

In partnership with UOA, CFIL saw an opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Approximately 300 desks, 300 chairs, and surplus office furniture were available for donation.

The local contact, who had a connection with the charity project, informed us about the urgent need and the availability of a 40-foot container for transportation.


CFIL swung into action, ensuring the efficient and safe transportation of the furniture to Tonga. The furniture was delivered to the sea-freight agents, who expertly loaded the container.

A significant moment in this journey was when our team met with the agents on-site, underscoring our commitment to overseeing the project’s success.


The impact of this collaborative effort extends far beyond the mere delivery of furniture. We have not only fulfilled the basic needs of a school but also contributed to the educational well-being of countless Tongan students. This initiative aligns perfectly with CFIL’s values.

Transforming Community | Crown FIL Workspace
Transforming Community - Tonga Charity Initiative | CFIL NZ
Transforming Community | Crown FIL NZ
Transforming Community - A Tongan Charity Initiative | CFIL NZ
Transforming Community - Tonga Charity Initiative
Transforming Community - Tonga Charity Initiative
Transforming Community - Furniture Drive for Tonga


Crown FIL Workspace in partnership with The University of Auckland and a Tongan charity, has showcased its dedication to making a difference where it matters most.

This case study exemplifies our commitment to clear, compelling, and consistent messaging, whether it’s in the world of logistics or in our philanthropic endeavours. We are proud to be more than just a moving and relocation business; we are a company that cares about the communities we serve.

Transforming Community - Tonga Charity Initiative with The University of Auckland | Crown FIL Workspace NZ

Dear Kevin,

Greetings from Tonga and trust you are well!

On behalf of Hon. Mo’ale Finau MP for Ha’apai 12 Constituency and myself, we herewith convey our sincere gratitude to you Kevin, Kate, and your Operation Manager for visiting and meeting us last week whilst we were in Auckland.

Thank you very much Kate for introducing us to Kevin and his company Crown Workspace and we really appreciate your considering working with us for the benefit of the people of Ha’apai and grassroot communities here in Tonga.

As discussed, I have copied below some Facebook web links on videos and photos from the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption and tsunami of January 2022.

As you may know, the Ha’apai Group of Islands was the epicentre of this twin mega natural disasters, and our people are yet to recover completely from their devastating impacts on their lives.

We are looking forward to working closely with you, Kate and your diverse clients and donors in ensuring that donated products and services channels through the Ha’apai 12 Constituency Office and Ascent to Life Foundation Trust are getting to the most vulnerable and communities in need here in Tonga.

Thank you very much once again!

Saimone K Vuki, Secretary General - Ha'apia 12 Constituency Grassroot Development Committee. Founder & President - Ascent to Life Foundation Trust Inc.
Furniture from the first container arrived and delivered to primary schools in Ha'apai 12 Constituency.

Furniture from the first container arrived and delivered to primary schools in Ha’apai 12 Constituency.

Furniture Donation _Tonga | FIL Workspace Giving Back

Town Officer of Mo’ungaone Island receives donated furniture with thanks.

Furniture and school books arrived for Tonga | FIL Workspace Case Study

School children happy with their desks and chairs, and new school books.

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