Lockdown Lowdown

With the Covid-19 situation still evolving in New Zealand and affecting many businesses across the country, we thought it would be a good opportunity to share how Crown FIL Workspace have adapted to doing business, and introduce the awesome team behind your office move!

Andrew Fullerton-Smith | National Corporate Services Manager for Crown FIL Workspace

Meet Andrew Fullerton-Smith our National Corporate Services Manager. Andrew manages and oversees the corporate accounts, providing businesses and organisations with workspace solutions that are future-proof and have positive impacts on the environment.

Recently we had the opportunity to find out more about Andrew and how COVID-19 has changed the way we operate in the workplace.

Tell us about your time with Crown FIL Workspace

I have been in the relocation industry for over 20 years, of which 15 years has been in the office relocation industry.

Previous roles I had in the UK exposed me to large scale operations and services that were not being offered in the New Zealand market. On my return to NZ I’ve had six years with FIL and the last three years with Crown FIL Workspace, this has given me the opportunity to work with innovative leaders and develop teams and services that now are the benchmark in the industry.

Many services that New Zealand relocation companies previously did not offer are now the norm due to our offerings.

What you enjoy about your job?

The challenges of exceeding expectations – finding solutions for clients within in their parameters and delivering a service that they positively remember.

I enjoy building relationships, maintaining and developing these. Work should be fun, having positive relationships with clients & colleagues makes it easy to come to work each day.

What impact has COVID-19 had on the workplace?

The New Zealand workspace market is unique due to the COVID-19 elimination strategy taken by the government. We are not living with stringent COVID related changes within the workplace as much as other global markets.

However, there has been some changes accelerated in the “ways of working” which has affected the marketplace.  Consolidation and reducing footprints are now the market trend. This is being achieved by more agencies and corporates moving to agile workplaces and increasing the staff-to-desk ratios. In turn, offering more staff the opportunity to work flexible hours and a percentage of the working week as work from home (WFH).

Where we used to see approximately 110 staff allocated to 100 desks in an agile environment, it is now 120/140 staff per 100 desks. But as we are typically social creatures, the desire to attend an office environment is still prevalent with employees along with the increased collaboration demands in the way we now work. This limits the opportunity to just increase WFH percentages or remove office environments.

Several workplaces have gone as far as adjusting employment contracts for a requirement of three days in the office and two days from home each week on a rotation schedule. Within this consolidation, the reduction of desk sizes from 1800/1600mm straight desks to a 1400mm or even 1200mm long desks has allowed more positions per floors as well.

What are the main challenges?

There has been a large increase in surplus furniture enter the used market, reducing demand and requiring more sustainable recycling and disposal methods to be developed.

This is where we’ve been able to deliver workspace solutions through our furniture division FIL Furniture and extend the lifecycle of office equipment and furniture.

What’s cool in our industry that our customers might not know about?

There are a range of services that Crown FIL Workspace can offer – we’re not just a relocation company that moves items.

We offer turnkey solutions to clients for all components of an office relocation, new set-up or refurbishment. From project management to sustainable surplus asset solutions, we have the expertise to work with any organisations or corporate clients.

Outside of work you like to:

Spending time with my family, mountain biking, fishing and coaching sports.


Favourite quote:

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too”

How can we help you…

If you are thinking of relocating your workplace we invite you to talk to our friendly Crown FIL Workspace team today, we can even help you source second hand furniture, set up your IT equipment and do you next office fit out. For more information complete the ‘Enquiry form’