As some of our clients are aware, FWSL’s Mission is to reduce waste destined for the landfill as much as possible. Not only is it our responsibility to maintain a policy and employ practices that are environmentally sustainable, but it also helps our clients meet their obligations too. We like to repurpose our customer’s  unwanted furniture and reintroduce it back into the market place.

This example of back-to-back desking with a shared screen set up was produced from three separate surplus clearance projects, we managed to produce 40 x back-to-back units (or 80 settings in total) from unwanted furniture that was destined for the landfill!

Our clever team used the frames from a 120-degree 3-pod set up, the straight tops were cut and re-edged from 2-by-2-metre workstation tops and the divider and side screens recovered. This product is now ready to lease or sell in the pre-owned market.

FWSL provides all of this in-house with our install and relocation teams and by using our in-house workshop.

FWSL has had many successful clearance projects that have not only diverted thousands of tonnes of furniture from the landfill each year but can be very cost effective for our clients.

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