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Save money and the environment by considering quality second-hand office furniture from FIL. FIL’s objective is to extend the life-cycle of office furniture and equipment and to reduce waste to landfill.

What does this mean for you? Commercial grade office furniture at a fraction of the price, if you were to purchase these goods brand new. Plus a sense of doing what’s right to boot!

FIL sell, deliver, and install quality ex-corporate and government recycled office furniture nationwide. Some of which is only a little over 2-3 years old.

Corporate and government office furniture is built to last and of a high quality commercial grade.

Please get in touch with FIL’s experienced team of sales specialists, who can advise you on the most suitable product for your requirements.

Likewise, check out FIL’s selection of second-hand office furniture by visiting FIL’s dedicated pre-owned furniture website, and shopping cart at

Business Relocations


Hiring office furniture may suit an organisation or government agency for reasons such as short-term projects, short-term leases, temporary call centres, training requirements or company growth.

FIL can provide office furniture lease for short or long-term requirements, for offices of varying sizes, and can generally do so quickly!

Office furniture hire and office furniture lease is an easy way to get the furniture you need now, not later. It is a good way to conserve working capital without the need for bank loans or credit upfront.

TradeMe Website


If you’re looking for furniture for growth, upgrades, or to simply refresh your office in a specific area, logistically it might be cheaper for you to purchase from one of our TradeMe Stores in your location.

If FIL don’t have what you need on TradeMe please see our furniture website here – or contact one of the team today.

Auckland TradeMe Store
Wellington TradeMe Store
Tauranga TradeMe Store
Christchurch TradeMe Store


FIL want to support and help charities whenever we can. Please talk to us about a discount on furniture and services, if you are a registered charity. In support of this, at our Auckland and Wellington branches we have a charity bay that you’re welcome to view by arrangement and take away (for free) anything you require!

This charity bay is generally made up of office furniture that is too good to throw away, but not quite suitable to sell. You are welcome to collect your new goods at no cost, or delivery and/or install can be provided at a discounted rate.

You must be able to provide confirmation that you are from a charity or not-for-profit organisation.



FIL have experience working on, quite literally, hundreds’ of projects from furniture supply, to install, to the clearance of existing furniture. FIL provide advice on your unique furniture requirements, your layout and the product options that best suit your own requirements.

FIL have the capability in-house to produce layout plans so you can visualise your options and plan for your space up front.



FIL could be interested in your unwanted surplus furniture. This however can depend on varying factors such as condition, the current market and our stock levels at the time.

FIL are always looking for large quantities of good quality furniture including straight desks and task chairs. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email with photos and quantities of the items you have on hand.

If your furniture isn’t of saleable quality, don’t worry, we can still help! FIL will work with your install and relocation team and have developed ways to recycle responsibly. Disposing of any unwanted furniture to take care of our environment, while saving money on unwanted landfill costs.