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FIL operates from our head office in Todd Park, Porirua, Wellington. This location includes our expansive workshop and extensive storage facilities. We also have branches and storage warehouses in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch.

Our team consists of over 85 full-time staff throughout New Zealand, made up of experienced, qualified field staff, trade-hardened managers and a dedicated, customer-focused management team.

FIL was first established in 1990 and has since expanded to become the highly-respected, Kiwi-owned, organisation that we are.


  • Furniture installations of commercial system office furniture (screens, workstations, storage solutions and office equipment)
  • Alterations and refurbishment of all system furniture types (recovering fabric on screens and chairs, cutting down of workstations, desks or screens, repairing furniture and fittings, lock fitting and repairs)
  • Office relocation services including relocation of system furniture, storage, IT equipment, files and personal effects.
  • National freight services
  • Storage and online inventory management of furniture and assets
  • Supply pre-owned office furniture for lease or sale
  • Logistics and project management assistance
  • Space planning for your office environment
  • Responsible disposal of surplus furniture and assets
  • 3PL services



Keith Clement
General Manager
M: 027 44 66 729
E: keith@fil-nz.co.nz

Vicki Stephen
Office & Accounts Manager
P: 0800 333 131
E: vicki@fil-nz.co.nz

Daniel Sinclair

M: 027 562 5505
E: dan@fil-nz.co.nz

Carl Voullaire
National Warehouse Manager
M: 021 580 083
E: carl@fil-nz.co.nz

Andrew Fullerton-Smith
National Installation & Relocation Manager
M: 027 432 6393
E: andrew@fil-nz.co.nz

Sam Taylor-Adriaens
Health & Safety Officer
P: 03 339 4462
E: samantha@fil-nz.co.nz

Tama Renata
Key Accounts Move Manager
M: 027 534 6482
E: tama@fil-nz.co.nz

Furniture Sales & Lease

Rhiannon Simms
National Sales Manager
M: 027 558 8064
E: rhiannon@fil-nz.co.nz

Steve Chadwick
Wellington Sales
M: 021 084 37558
E: stevec@fil-nz.co.nz

Julie Davies
Auckland Sales
P: 09 257 5131
E: julie@fil-nz.co.nz

Sam Taylor-Adriaens
Christchurch Sales
P: 03 339 4462
E: samantha@fil-nz.co.nz

Wellington Operations


Charlie Taylor
Dispatch Operations Supervisor
P: 0800 333 131
E: charlie@fil-nz.co.nz

Kore Reret
Inwards Operations Supervisor
P: 0800 333 131
E: Inwards@fil-nz.co.nz


Tevita Waqasokolala
Operations Supervisor
M: 027 480 0416

James Lamsam
Senior Team Leader
M: 027 449 4246
E: james@fil-nz.co.nz

Chris Rowe
Senior Team Leader
M: 027 490 7043
E: chris@fil-nz.co.nz


Dwayne Moffitt
Divisional Operations Supervisor
M: 027 562 5506
E: dwayne@fil-nz.co.nz

Shaun Taramai
Senior Team Leader
M: 027 558 8039
E: shaun@fil-nz.co.nz

Auckland Branch

Debra Brown
Office Manager
M: 021 101 7676
E: debs@fil-nz.co.nz

James Hastings-Rose
Divisional Operations Supervisor
M: 021 190 2816
E: James.Hastings-Rose@fil-nz.co.nz

Kevin Hastings-Rose
General Operations Manager
M:  021 213 1960
E: kevin@fil-nz.co.nz

Keith Edwards
Senior Team Leader
M: 027 238 0378
E: keith.edwards@fil-nz.co.nz

Harley Geale
Senior Team Leader
M: 027 021 299 2223
E: harley@fil-nz.co.nz

Christchurch Branch

Alex Aitken
Branch Manger
M: 027 446 6858
E: alex@fil-nz.co.nz

Mike Ryburn
Senior Team Leader
M: 027 455 0023
E: michael.ryburn@fil-nz.co.nz

Darren Wright
Senior Team Leader
M: 027 480 8073

Lex Gan
Operations Supervisor
M: 022 305 3197
E: lex@fil-nz.co.nz